Technology in the Curriculum

BTSA Standards:

Evaluate curriculum to develop students’ information literacy and problem-solving skills. (Elements 16d, 16e, 16g)

Create, implement, and evaluate technology-enhanced lessons aligned with the adopted curriculum. (Elements 16c, 16e, 16g)

Directions: Explore strands 1, 2, and 3 in any order before looking at strand 4. Take notes and jot down questions for a wrap-up discussion after strand 4. Recommended time frames:

Strand 1 – 7 minutes
Strand 2 – 7 minutes
Strand 3 – 20 minutes
Strand 4 – 10 minutes

Strand 1: Problem-Solving Skills – The Goal

Guiding Questions: Compare the different types of questions, activities and products that of one level of Bloom’s Taxonomy to those of the other levels. To what extent do the different activities under each of the levels require or develop problem-solving skills?

Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognitive Development

Strand 2: Information Literacy Skills – The Process

Guiding Questions: Why are information literacy skills needed today? How do you embed them into your curriculum now? How do you envision doing so in the future?

Super3 (K-3) and Big6 (4-12)

Strand 3: Technology – The Tool, Information Resource, or Product

Guiding Questions: In the examples, is technology a tool, a resource, or a product of learning? What evidence of student learning, especially that related to problem-solving and information literacy, do you see in the examples? What questions do you have about these technologies?

Blogs and Wikis
Lincoln Library
Lincoln Humanities
Malibu English
Elementary School
More resources
Pathfinders and WebQuests
SMILE-Net Elementary
SMILE-Net Colonial America
High Tech High WebQuest
Subscription Databases


Tech-based products
Digital storytelling
Web pages
Adobe Creative Suite
SMARTBoard Notebook Software

Teacher Resources

Strand 4: The Lesson – Putting It All Together

Guiding Questions: When planning a lesson, how does a teacher decide which of the Big6 steps to teach? What strategies might you implement to develop assignments that use technology to encourage critical thinking rather than cutting and pasting? How do we pull it all together? What is your next step?

Transforming our Lessons (PPT)
Embedding Technology in the Big6 Information Literacy Process (Word document)