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Your Guide to the Big6
Information Literacy and Research Process

Research projects do not have to last a whole month! In fact, we use research skills everyday to solve even the simplest problems that require us to look up information. Use the Big6 project planner if you are about to start a major research project, or click on individual skills and tools to focus on specific steps.


Big6 Planner If you are working on a project the requires you to go through all of the Big6 skills, then fill out the form and print it out.

The Big6 Steps

Big6 Step Skills Tools
Step 1 - Task Definition:
What needs to be done?
1.1 Define the information problem Research Questions
1.2 Identify information needed KWR (download)
Step 2 - Information Seeking Strategies:
What resources can I use?
2.1 Determine all possible sources Possible Resources
2.2 Select the best sources
Step 3 - Location and Access:
Where can I find these resources?
3.1 Locate sources (intellectually and physically)
3.2 Find information within sources
Step 4 - Use of Information:
What can I use from these resources?
4.1 Engage (e.g., read, hear, view, touch)
4.2 Extract relevant information Note-taking

Elementary Bibliography Handout

Bibliography Formats and Examples

Step 5 - Synthesis:
What can I make to finish the job?
5.1 Organize from multiple sources
5.2 Present the information
Step 6 - Evaluation:
How will I know I did my job well?
6.1 Judge the product (effectiveness)
6.2 Judge the process (efficiency)

Other Resources for Research

Research Rocket A fun tutorial on the research process. Grades 3-5.

Copyright with Cyberbee Interactive copyright questions and answers. Grades 3-5.

BibMe Free automatic bibliography maker. Grades 3-12.

The Super3 Three steps to help kids grades K-2 solve problems.

The Big6 Six steps to help kids grades 3-6 solve problems.

Springfield Township High School Online Research Guide A comprehensive research guide for high school students. Grades 9-12.

Internet Safety Resources

CyberNetiquette Comix An entertaining, interactive way for families to learn valuable lessons about online safety. Join classic Disney characters for adventure, fun, and online awareness tips. Grades PreK-2.

Sid's Online Safety Guide Fun games and activities that reinforce internet safety for kids grades 3-6.

For Teachers

Big6 Planning Guide Helps teachers to think through the project step by step.

Teacher/Librarian Collaboration Form A PDF form for teachers to plan their work with teacher librarians.

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